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YOGA in English

Tuesdays 17:00-18:00 DROP IN

Start date: 16th of January 2018


Yoga at Natha Yogacenter is centered on personal development and provides methods for, among other things:

  •         Stress management and relaxation
  •         Health and detox methods
  •         Joy and well-being
  •         Increased creativity and willpower
  •         Deeper insight into the world of emotions - Learn to open your heart
  •         Increased mental concentration, focus and mental peace
  •         Insight into the deepest mysteries of life

Yoga is much more than stretching. It's a lifelong learning, a journey towards inner harmony, joy and perfection!

You do not need any previous knowledge - Yoga at NATHA is for everyone - old as young, and regardless of previous experience or flexibility. Yoga meets you where you are in life, physically, emotionally and mentally, and helps you raise your inner potentials.

What does a yoga pass look like?
A yoga pass consists of  short theory and then a practical part. The practical part is never the same, but varies from time to time as you learn new techniques but usually consist of warming up exercises, asanas (yoga poses), breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation.

Teacher skills:
The competent yoga teachers have become teachers after a 5-year education, which corresponds to university level. As a teacher of yoga, we have a great responsibility for the students, and therefore we maintain a high standard of teacher's skills and further development.

What does the yoga course look like?
As something unique in Sweden, new techniques and methods are given at each lesson. Thus, as a student at NATHA Yoga Center, you will be able to quickly and continuously build up an in-depth understanding of health, personal development and spirituality.


5-card - 800kr.

10-card - 1600kr.

20-card - 2800kr.

Per class - 200 kr.



DROP IN - Kurs: YOGA in English [läs mer]
DROP IN - Kurs: Integral YOGA [läs mer]
DROP IN - Kurs: Senioryoga [läs mer]
DROP IN - Kurs: Meditation [läs mer]
04 mars - Helgkurs: Yoga för par [läs mer]
08 mars - Workshop: Fira KVINNODAGEN tillsammans [läs mer]
10 mars - Terapi: Ljudhealing med kvartskristall sjungande skålar [läs mer]
10 mars - FESTLIG INVIGNING [läs mer]
13 mars - Kursstart: Chakra balansering med sjungande skålar [läs mer]
13 mars - Kursstart: Chakra meditation [läs mer]
14 mars - Kursstart: Solhälsning [läs mer]
18 mars - Workshop: Skrattyoga [läs mer]
24 mars - Terapi: Ljudhealing med kvartskristall sjungande skålar [läs mer]
24 mars - Öppet Hus: Earth Hour 2018 [läs mer]
05 april - Kursstart: Meridian Yoga [läs mer]
15 april - Start: Barnyoga (med vuxen) [läs mer]
15 april - Workshop: De 5 emotionella såren, och hur vi kan hela oss [läs mer]
21 april - Terapi: Ljudhealing med kvartskristall sjungande skålar [läs mer]
22 april - Sköna söndag: Klubb Katharsis [läs mer]
13 maj - Sköna söndag: Klubb Katharsis [läs mer]
19-20 maj - Hälsorundan - Öppet Hus [läs mer]
25-27 maj - Retreat: Det förtjusande samspelet man-kvinna. [läs mer]
3 juni - Terapi: Ljudhealing med kvartskristall sjungande skålar [läs mer]
10 juni - Sköna söndag: Klubb Katharsis [läs mer]
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