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Ecstatic Sundays

Sundays 11:00-12:30, start january 16th

with DJ Fiery Fortuna 


Come home to your heart through the healing power of conscious movement & dance.


Created by Charlotte Fortune aka DJ Fiery Fortuna of Corazon Ecstatic Dance as a heartfelt expression of her passion to connect people through the vibrant healing power of music and dance.


She shares the following three principles in her Corazon Ecstatic Dance events:-

* Connection

* Expression

* Freedom




What is Ecstatic Dance?

This dance is a celebration of all it is to be human in all our mysteriousness, to feel the sheer joy, ecstasy and bliss that resides within us. Find solace in our own skin, what we feel like inside.

To dance ecstatically is to be moved by spirit. It’s an allowing of source energy to move our body. It’s a surrender of our will and ego. It’s a lot more than just letting go and having a good time. It’s a cosmic experience of awakening.

  • To dance is from the ego
  • To BE danced is to surrender our ego
  • To BECOME the dance is to experience our own divinity

Ecstatic Dance is an embodied movement practice, a freeform flowing dance and moving meditation.  Connect to yourself to create authentic connections with others.

History of Ecstatic Dance

Globally people have always come together to dance in celebration, bonding a community. Ecstatic dance movement and drumming is probably the oldest path to spirituality.

During the dance, a state of deep-body consciousness or “embodiment” displaces thinking. Ecstatic dance effortlessly induces a true meditation state. Although ecstatic dance is an ancient practice, it has only recently become extremely popular. 



  • Shifting stuck energy & emotions.
  • Bring more presence into your being.
  • Connecting to your inner energy and expressing your authentic self.
  • Feeling a sense of freedom.
  • Help us feel our truth.
  • Release what no longer serves us.
  • Rhythm has a soothing quality, calming the nervous system, allowing us to feel safe, connected and at ease.
  • Increase energy & vitality and reduce stress levels.
  • Creates joy & clarity.
  • Calming the ‘monkey’ mind.



Everyone is equally responsible for upholding the sacred space – be in your highest integrity in the space and respect ahimsa – yogic principle of non-harming, non-violence to yourself and others.  Please be mindful of safety in the space.

·       Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated (& perhaps a small towel).

·       Wear comfortable clothes so you can move freely.

·       Dance barefoot or with socks – leave shoes at the door.

·       Honour how your body feels & rest when you need to.

·       No talking on the dancefloor but feel free to express & release sounds in the dance.

·       No cameras or phones (Corazon Ecstatic Dance may take some photos and videos before & after the dance and will always ask permission for marketing material during the dance).

·       Have fun, be curious & playful!


You may like to bring a notebook to set intentions before dancing & for journaling after the dance.


About Charlotte

What is Ecstatic Dance to Charlotte?


Everything in nature dances – waves in the ocean, leaves & branches on trees, fire smouldering.  Dance is the most natural thing in the world.’

First introduced to Ecstatic Dance in 2018 in Bali with Deva, she then continued to dance back home in Scotland and in India. Charlotte has enjoyed dancing her whole life since clubbing & going to dance festivals in her 20’s & 30’s. Dancing till everything dropped away, she found freedom, a true liberation for her spirit.

In India in 2019 she experienced a big release, dancing 2-3 times per week for 2-3 hours each time – she felt a big release of energy and felt so sensual when dancing, empowered, connected with the other people there. She realised that dance is a wonderful tool of expression – the creative expressive side of her being and there is also a raw, tribal nature to dance, which gives so much freedom and spaciousness throughout the body. She feels so natural, wild and free when moved by the dance. It’s as though the body just dances itself.

Charlotte completed the “Ecstatica” Dance DJ & Facilitator training course with Deva in Bali in February 2020 and since then has been creating outdoor dances in Malmö and Karlskrona in Sweden which have been a great success. She is also an upcoming DJ, playing on outdoor parties & events accompanied by live saxophone & drums.

Price: 120 SEK (cash). Max 12 persons.

Book your spot at

Phone: 0734282674







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