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From the ego to the Soul

Live online Saturday 16th of January at 18-19:30 CET

We are (as humanity and as persons) in a phase in which a new era is about to unfold and in which anything becomes possible (but not everything is permitted).

Let’s try for a moment to become aware of everything that is interesting us, is giving us pleasure or is upsetting us.
Then let’s think about all the creative revelations we have, all the new realities that open in front of us and all the curiosities which exist in this world.

Now let’s add all the opinions, complains, hypocrisies, tragedies, dramas and fears.
We can feel all this richness of information within us because they manifest strongly, exerting a pressure upon the fine membrane that delimitates our individual existence.
How much space is inside of this membrane? How much pressure can we take before our subjective reality explodes?

No doubt there has to be another modality of getting to know the One who is unlimited.
Luckily we are in the middle of a process of evolution which will lead us exactly towards this new type of perception, towards this new identity and towards this new reality, completely free of any constriction.
We can enter into the New Bright Era, when we make the necessary life changing transition from the ego to Our Soul!

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About the lecturer: Dhumavatiananda (Georgiana Danet), the coordinator of the Swedish yoga school has begun practicing yoga in 1990.
She became yoga teacher in 1993 and tantra teacher in 1994, after several special training programs for teachers.
Since then she has been teaching yoga, tantra and tantra for women in 15 countries.
She has structured, in a unique course for women, the teachings of tantra system, astrology, Ayurveda, Tao, sexology a.s.o.
She is the founder of "Shakti Group" and "Tantra for Women" course.
Georgiana is the author of 5 books, Women and Karmic Astrology, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra for women, Unzenable and Beyond the Pose.



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