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From the Ego to the Soul

3 weeks online course - 3 modules

Discover the process of transformation in which is implied the entire world, so that we can understand better what is happening to us and to the world in which we are living.

We will explore together the power of personal vibration that can help us navigate easier through the successive phases of the process of transformation. We will learn thus to develop a healthy and conscious receptivity which will help both us but also the ones around us.

There have been several years already since we hear all kinds of expressions like: the transformation of the paradigm; the quantum leap; the zero focus; the new era; the holographic reality, as well in the world of physics, business but also spirituality and even in the politics. What is happening nowadays surpasses these limits. We are living an era of transformation and of shift.

Luckily we are in the middle of the process of evolution which will lead us exactly towards this new type of perception, towards this new identity and towards this new reality, completely free of any constriction.

Discover The Secret about your Soul and do the necessary shift & inner work

so that you transcend the ego, and therefore enjoy unshakeable emotional balance and feel happy and fulfilled, both at work and at home, in 3 weeks or less.

In just 3-weeks you’re going to look back and realize you’ve created an amazing Soul-full Living for yourself - a way of living which is based on the wisdom of your Soul and light of your Spirit, and that was actually easier than you ever imagined to obtain.

In our first week we are going to reveal the Inca Prophecy about the Golden age

and explore the fact that when you manifest the intention to make the fusion between your body and your soul, between your emotions and your mind, you will elevate your vibration, manifested in all aspects of your life.

In our second week it’s time to let go of old, rigid structures

to restructure yourself, so that it becomes possible to detach from what’s not beneficial and manage to find again your deep godly peace. Sounds good?

And in our last week, you’ll transform in a fundamental manner

like the Phoenix bird, experiencing an amazing inner revolution, and therefore become totally reborn from a spiritual point of view, allowing the Light of Spirit to descend into matter.

Now is the right time to make this life changing transforming from the ego to the Soul

This online course offers you the "radiography" of the evolutionary process we are into right now, all of us, so that you can understand deeply why you feel how you feel, and for each stage you will receive the method which can take you out of it.
At the end of the 9 phases of transformation, you will be operating no longer from your ego, but only from your SOUL.

You can access the course whenever you decide and practice the techniques in your own space, in your own pace - so you have maximum flexibility.
You don’t need to take out more of your precious time to go to a physical place, with a tight schedule, so you could have access to quality training for self-growth - now you have access to it right here, whenever you decide, for life.


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