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Happiness for each and every one of us (2)

Live webinar - Saturday March 20, at 6pm CET


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Think that everything is exactly as it should be.
Do not waste your time and energy unnecessarily by regretting what is here and now… or by thinking that this or that must be in some other way.
Only your mental program creates these "I must" or "I mustn’t".
In reality they don’t exist, because REALITY has its laws and reasons, which we don’t understand, so far.
So let's learn how to get rid of this detrimental mental programs!

Instead of spending the rest of your life trying unnecessarily to change the world, in agreement with your desires and expectations… better transform right away your inner mental program, and then, as if by a miracle, the world will be WONDERFUL for you!
We will go through HOW to do that.

The past no longer exists, and the future is in potential form.
You can live fully only NOW... by staying in the ETERNAL NOW.
If you don’t act immediately in life, right now, then maybe you’ll not do it in ten minutes, in a day, or never in this life.
Today is a perfect day!
There is no other better day… unless you compare it with the past, which is dead now, or with an imagined future (which you create now, through your actions and thoughts) - but neither of them exists right now.

You should often rejoice in "what you are" and stop worrying about "what you will become"… otherwise there will be no peace, contentment or happiness for you.

Watch the 1st part here:

About the lecturer: Dhumavatiananda (Georgiana Danet), the coordinator of the Swedish yoga school has begun practicing yoga in 1990. She became yoga teacher in 1993 and tantra teacher in 1994, after several special training programs for teachers. Since then she has been teaching yoga, tantra and tantra for women in 15 countries. She has structured, in a unique course for women, the teachings of tantra system, astrology, Ayurveda, Tao, sexology a.s.o. She is the founder of "Shakti Group" and "Tantra for Women" course. Georgiana is the author of 5 books, Women and Karmic Astrology, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra for women, Unzenable and Beyond the Pose.

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