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How to triumph over spiritual tests and trials

Free live webinar - Saturday October 9, at 6-7.30 PM CEST


Being a human being has its challenges. Being a human being on a spiritual path, aspiring for and working on one's own transformation and evolution means becoming a target for various evil, tricky, deviating actions of maleficent entities, so that we should never achieve valuable, extraordinary results.
The more godly spiritual mysteries are revealed to us, the more desperate the attempts to stop us become.
It sounds terrific, and maybe even discouraging. In reality, it's part of life.

With a bit of humour, we can say:
- If the spiritual test I am confronted with right now feels so terrible, it means I am quite strong, because "they" consider I'm on such high level of evolution.

Joke aside, in order to triumph over all our inner tests and trials, we need to act with firmness, a lot of courage and heroism in order to defeat the attempts meant to stop us from applying practically the godly truths we received.
Every human being is endowed with free will. It's always up to us what we choose: the godly aspects or the opposite...

We will present the strategies and tricks used by malefic entities against us, so that you can clearly spot them as soon as you experience them.
And we will offer the most efficient tools you can use to triumph over the inevitable spiritual trials and tests we all are confronted with, as aspirants who want to attain spiritual liberation.
Remember the evil has its role in the Godly Creation; and above all, keep in mind the evil will never ever triumph over the Godly Good.


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