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Resonans fenomenet inom yoga

Resonans fenomenet inom yoga


By being aware of the effects of resonance, the effects of practicing yoga can increase a thousandfold

In  the yoga system, all processes and yoga techniques are based on the principle of resonance. Each yogic process engages, if properly executed, a resonance phenomena nuanced with different beneficial energies of the macrocosm. Through attention and awareness, the yogi can greatly amplify the effects of yogic techniques. These effects appear always only by engaging the phenomena of resonance, both for postures (asana-s) and various hatha-yoga techniques, as well as for techniques of concentration and meditation.
For example, when performing certain postures – asana - a human being resonates with a source of beneficial energy according to the shape of his body, and by tunig himself to the vibration specific to this focal point, he can thus benefit from that kind of energy. Similarly, the techniques of pranayama or meditation techniques, according to the energy focal point to which the practitioner relates to, he "loads" himself with that energy and deliberately modulates it according to his purpose.
Given the multitude of vibration frequencies that exist in the Macrocosm, the question is how many of these frequencies can we perceive? Obviously, with the mere five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) we can perceive only a very limited range of frequencies. Outside this range we can perceive other frequencies too only by extending the limits of the usual senses, through the development of the so-called paranormal abilities of perception (intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, etc.).
Another way is to use the quality of a frequency to generate a higher harmonic. Any whole number multiple of a frequency is an upper harmonic of that frequency. Therefore, a human being vibrating on a certain frequency generates in time higher harmonics (which theoretically may tend to infinity) - thus getting into resonance with the highest frequencies of vibration in the universe.
Of course physically there are attenuations specific to the upper harmonic, correlated with distance and range of propagation and practically from a certain higher harmonic the amplitude would tend to zero. But it was shown experimentally that for subtle waves (such as those of thought) there is no attenuation correlated with distance or propagation environment.
In this case, resonance becomes thus the hidden key for explaining all paranormal phenomena, of all the extraordinary experiences in practicing yoga.

In yoga, resonance is seen as a process of initiation and amplification of some vibrations, consciously noticed in the being, produced under the action of vibrational energy from certain levels of manifestation of the universe. If the yogi keeps his attention focused, to observe as closely as possible the tuning of his own inner universe with a certain focal center of energy of the macrocosm, then the resonance phenomenon is likely to occur, stimulating in any aspiring yogi’s being amazing spiritual experiences, full of novel revelations.
The continuity of the process of resonance in the inner universe of the yogi will be maintained only due to his uninterrupted concentration. The amplitude of the energetic vibration induced and felt then by the yogi, true waves of harmony, sense and information, is at maximum in cases where  these frequencies are equal, aiming to infinity if the factors triggering resonance are kept constant. Essential, here, will always be the attention focused on the phenomenon.
The perseverent yogi discovers with delight and joy that resonance is a constant phenomenon, easily discernible, that the authentic yoga methodologies seek to use resonance only in a beneficial, creative and balanced direction, contributing to the completion and integration of the human being in the universal cosmic harmony. Knowing themselves fully, human beings will be able to know, through resonance, the entire universe that includes them, which will allow them to include in their turn, the essence of the world from the level of their own microcosm.


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