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Special initiation - The Paths of Living Love

Happiness for each and every one of us (3)

Special initiation  - The 12 Paths which Guide us to attaining Unconditional Love & Happiness

Supported by our spiritual guide

There are methods to reprogram your "biocomputer" (your mind) so that you can quickly transform your selfish demands into sublime devotion, and therefore enjoy the Divine, here and now.

This mysterious method is called "The Paths of Living Love".

It is especially good for those who are individuals with a strong ego and an excessively rational mind.

Put them into practice and you will transcend your ego and your rational mind.

Every time you are upset or unhappy, this is because you are trespassing on one of the 12 paths.

These 12 paths are the main keys that allow you to live your life happily, harmoniously, lovingly and in state of fulfilment.

These 12 paths represent the necessary framework for your deep self-knowledge, and for the revelation of your Divine Sovereign Consciousness.

They are the whole planet's wisdom condensed into 12 force ideas.

There is no chance of being unhappy, if you respect all 12 paths.

Not even physical pain can make you unhappy… because the pain is just a perception.

In this webinar you will receive the special initiation into the 12 paths to attain unconditional love & happiness.

And if you will apply them practically, they will be helping you to free yourself, forever, from your faulty programming, which is the only one responsible for all the unhappiness in your life …


Price: 49 euro.

For Sweden: BG 5079 - 7620 eller Swish: 1233681459

International: PayPal  @NATHAYogaKarlskrona


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On your payment, you will receive the password to access the webinar. OSB! Registration is required.


Watch here: part 1 and part 2



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