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The Healing, Liberating Power of Forgiveness

The only way to cleanse our emotional wounds of their poison is forgiveness.

Free webinar, Saturday December 12, at 6pm CET


It is necessary to forgive the one who hurt us, no matter how serious the mistake may seem in our minds. It is very good to forgive, even if he does not deserve to be forgiven, if not for his sake, at least for our sake, so that we do not suffer every time when we think of that person or of those events that upset us.

We are truly not able to judge the mistakes of others. We all have one Judge, God. And God, in His immense love with which He surrounds us, forgives our mistakes, when we acknowledge them and humbly implore His forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the remedy that can heal us!
And forgiveness can really set us free!

In this webinar you will receive several methods to obtain an unshakeable state of inner peace by awakening and mastering your ability to forgive - others and yourself!

About the lecturer: Dhumavatiananda (Georgiana Danet), the coordinator of the Swedish yoga school has begun practicing yoga in 1990. She became yoga teacher in 1993 and tantra teacher in 1994, after several special training programs for teachers. Since then she has been teaching yoga, tantra and tantra for women in 15 countries. She has structured, in a unique course for women, the teachings of tantra system, astrology, Ayurveda, Tao, sexology a.s.o. She is the founder of "Shakti Group" and "Tantra for Women" course. Georgiana is the author of 5 books, Women and Karmic Astrology, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra for women, Unzenable and Beyond the Pose.


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