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The Marvelous Adventure of Spiritual Evolution

Thursday October 22, at 6pm CEST


It may seem strange that we so rarely stop to reflect on the existence of this "I" we speak so often (I eat, I read, etc.).
In fact, who is the person that lives within us and is in contact with the outer world as well the inner one?
Where does it come from and where is it going?

Certainly, it is alive, but we wonder what life is, the unknown, fascinating, frustrating phenomenon, which is expressed through us and which, for so long, swings between sadness and insecure happiness?
Does it have a purpose?
If so, what is it?
Can we learn it? If so, can we understand it?
In reality, all these questions are only versions of the eternal interrogation "Who am I?"
About the lecturer
Dhumavatiananda (Georgiana Danet), the coordinator of the Swedish yoga school has begun practicing yoga in 1990. She became yoga teacher in 1993 and tantra teacher in 1994, after several special training programs for teachers. Since then she has been teaching yoga, tantra and tantra for women in 15 countries. She has structured, in a unique course for women, the teachings of tantra system, astrology, Ayurveda, Tao, sexology a.s.o.

She is the founder of "Shakti Group" (in 1993) and "Tantra for Women" course (in 1997) .
Georgiana is the author of 5 books, Women and Karmic Astrology, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra for women, Unzenable and Beyond the Pose.


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